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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 24, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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vineyard. he may be the first president voted off the island. voted off the island. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. make sure you go to i'm going to post a thread for you in about 20 seconds. keep it here on fox news channel. bill o'reilly is next.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "the five." i wrote a joke this morning. what do you call someone who voted for obama in 2008, but won't for him now? a racist. yeah, pretty good, huh? when faced with criticism toward the obama administration, liberals have one game plan. you're evil. take the impeccably congresswoman frederica wilso
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wilson. [ inaudible ] >> the real enemy is the tea party. [ applause ] the tea party folks. there is no compromising with them. they have one goal in mind. to make president obama one-term president. >> greg: somewhere a rodeo clown misses his hat. then maxine waters is telling the tea party to go to hell. mike doyle calling them terrorists so on and so on and so on. i got to ask why? the tea party are political newbies. they never really spoke up before. most of them are like your dad and mom, goofy but adorable. going about their business or probably owning one. the first time they get involved which is something always lauded by the left, they are branded terrorists and racists, which must be offensive to real terrorists and racists because they work hard. i get the attacks. if the tea partiers were
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intimidating people or politicians. that is not a tea party, that is a union. why the they scare established politicians witless? you would be scared, too, if folks in corn hats got your number. why do they get understood your skip? you know what i'm thinking? you have more in common with tea partiers than anybody in your party. right? am i right? >> bob: we dress up in funny outfits and run around and make sounds? district yeah. >> bob: look, i think it's time, serious here, i used a lot of the similar descriptions of the teaers. i am now going to refer to them as the tea people. we should stop calling them names. they are first -- >> andrea: all of us? you're the only one. >> bob: i'm talking to my fellow liberals out there. six of us who are watching the show. i would say this, these are the minority. these people are a minority. the reason they are out, there they've got nothing else to do but wait for tea time.
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>> greg: they have other things to do. they have jobs. they work. >> bob: i notice the videotape we did of the tea party omitted the ones that called obama hitler, nasty, racist. the one i love the best a black guy with a bone in his nose. >> greg: those were at an anti-bush rally. >> bob: you're making the people look nice and pleasant. >> greg: there is always -- >> bob: oh, those poor people. >> eric: that is so unfair. >> bob: it's not unfair. >> eric: the whole purpose is to form this grassroots group is for smaller government, fiscal soundness. spending within our means. yet somehow the left figured that is racist, because anyone who is not for obama -- >> bob: who said that? >> eric: you just did. >> bob: i didn't say it was racist. >> greg: you basically said they are a racist. >> bob: i said they are a minority. >> greg: you paint them as racist to say you see one crazy sign. >> bob: not one. >> greg: every group, every faction has a small percentage of wackjobs, including
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liberals. >> andrea: they have t-shirt no, bras and carrying a bomb, then bob cannot identify with political activism that doesn't look like this. >> bob: you're making me sick. >> andrea: the stronger the tea party gets -- >> bob: they're not getting stronger. >> andrea: they were strong in 2010. >> bob: they were? >> andrea: you have to give them that. they will be strong in 2012. i think barack obama needs an enemy. bill clinton, it works well for him. he did better when he had an enemy, because it lets him define himself. they don't have one and they need one. tea party is an easy target. >> greg: but you can demonize politician, because that's what you do to politicians. but group of people that have never done anything in politics before, demonizing them is not a good strategy. monono. it doesn't work, especially talking about mainstream america like tea party. the tea party is not a political party. it's a set of ideas that you just pointed out, constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility and free
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market. sound dollar. not exactly radical. these folks, take a look at congresswoman wilson and maxine waters. they are having a meltdown now because they know their ideology is under the gun. it's failing. they know that the tea party is do stennial threat -- existential threat. >> bob: the political virgin going too far. i met the tea party people and they have been in politics. you have to understand something here, so you are clear on this. i may not agree with this. we have don't agree with that. they are taking the things we believe in and rip it apart. so we take them on. >> eric: that is fine. but the vicious attacks. >> bob: what vicious attac attacks? >> eric: congresswoman jackson lee called the tea party constructio ku klux klan e hoods. >> andrea: they agree with a lot of things.
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war. a lot of tea party is not happy about the nation building or spending money overseas. balanced budget. barack obama ran on that. yes, he didn't do it, but liberals love to talk about fiscal responsibility. same with the tea party. you like to paint them as socially radical, they're not about that. >> bob: i have nothing against them personally. the up withs i met have been very nice. i know they care but you have to understand the way they want to go about the budget and other things, i know balanced budget, it goes against the grain of the things we believe in. therefore we have a battle. we have an election, wait to see what happens. >> greg: bob, you are a fighter. if you go up to a fighter and ask him about the other fighter you say you want to kill him. that is in your dna. >> bob: we need to lower the rhetoric against the tea party. >> greg: you are apoplectic. >> bob: i am! i want to beat the hell out of them. >> monica: beat the hell out of the founding fathers who designed america. >> bob: oh, please! >> monica: thomas jefferson.
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>> bob: they should have hung on tea bocks when they threw them over. district i'll gri get you a tri-horn hat. >> bob: try it. i'm not against them personally. they do everything that is wrong against everything i believe in. >> eric: fine. these are the personal attacks from the democrats. >> bob: yeah, but personal attacks with barack obama. you did it to start the show. >> greg: you have nothing personal against them but you hate their guts. i'm kidding but i have to go on. you need to take a breather. >> bob: i need cough medicine. i'm telling you, he did it. he was a terrorist in the opening of the show. >> greg: i got to roll. coming up, you think this is bad. the situation in libya worseps day-by-day. with no resolution in sight. will the u.s. be forced to send ground troops to help control the situation? should we send bob in there? the five of us will tackle all of this coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we're turning now to intense situation in libya, where heavy fighting continues. the rebels fighting for control are now offering a $1.3 million reward for gaddafi dead or alive. and although his whereabouts remain unknown, the defiant leader vowed to continue fighting in an audio recording that he released last night. with gaddafi still at large and no end in sight, will the united states ramp up their involvement and send ground troops in to the region? monica, i want to go to you first on this. the country and obama says no boots on the ground. what do you think the u.s. role should be going forward? >> monica: the most euphoric day of a dictator's overthrow is the day after he's
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overthrown. we don't know where he is and we don't know if he is in control of even a portion of tripoli. but it looks like his days are pretty much over as the day of libya but then the hard work starts. what will happen here? we have seen it happen in egypt and across the middle east where we were celebratory about the arab spring. now turning in to arab winter, because what comes after that is usually a power vacuum. we have seen this, in the strongest, most organized element in the middle east, like the muslim brotherhood and al-qaeda and other extremists. rushing to fill that void. in the situation of egypt, the muslim brotherhood waited # 0 years for this moment. they're not going to blow it in the case of libya, the more al-qaeda terrorists in libya, than any other country outside of saudi arabia, you know they are waiting for this moment. to see what america should do is make sure not necessarily that boots on the ground but you have to be doing something diplomatically with the rebels. we don't have any idea to try to get a pro-u.s., pro-western
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regime out of this. >> the u.s. dropped two bombs in libya over the last 24 hours so it's consistent with the no boots on the ground strategy. the war is costing the united states, even though no boots on the ground leading from behind, $896 million since july 31. worthwhile money? >> eric: i think so. i'll give mr. obama credit for this. no boots on the ground is fantastic. it's costing a billion dollars, but frankly we have around $50 billion of gaddafi's assets in the u.s. we can pay ourselves back with that. and we should. maybe not go to -- donald trump thinks we should take their oil because we have a right to it. i don't think we do. but important to note that he didn't put any boots on the ground, american lives at risk. nato, who knows what will go with nato. we fund nato. give him credit. that was a great gesture, a great effort. no american lives lost. >> bob: i'm in total shock. glad to hear you say that. thank you very much. monica, i agree with you. it's true, isn't it, when they
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overthrow the government, the first day is the best. happened in iraq. this will be a -- let me make a point about this country. it was colonized for a long time. only 47 years ago that the europeans left. the last people they want to see put boots on the ground are european or americans. we'd be crazy to go in there, even if we had resources or people to do it two groups could do it. african union could go in and do it. or the u.n., or the right mix of the u.n. i think the idea of european or american presence on the ground would be so reminiscent of the colonization days it would be a disaster. >> andrea: u.n. convened a meeting of arab nations to meet and invited rebels. what should their representation be? >> bob: on oil alone, 95% of the export came from oil, they are down to 10% production. it will take two or three
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years to get there they have to get the money from some place, not from us. i guess the arabs will put up the money. remember, only a couple of arab groups that joined the league against libya. there is anger still against those that did not. >> eric: quickly. french and the british, i'm sure will make the loans. they are the ones who buy almost all of that libyan oil. they would be wise investment. >> andrea: leading from behind could be a smart strategy in case. greg, i want to ask you. gaddafi rap out of his come pound and we saw the footm of rebels storming the compound. wearing his clothing and ransacking his books. he said on a radio address though we don't know where he is, he said it was strategic move. we left because it was part of the big plan. >> greg: a great -- it's a great strategy to say it's strategic. when i come home drunk without my shirt on i tell my wife it's strategic. we talk whether it has to be boots on the ground or not.
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it has to be boots and the beatles. we need to introduce the best of our western culture to the young people. these are young people, radical islam is a death cult. to prevent them getting involved in that, introduce them to mcdonald's, metallica and -- >> bob: but -- >> andrea: the problem is they don't have jobs to buy this stuff. >> greg: that didn't stop the young russians getting obsessed with the western culture. that helped. it really helped. >> andrea: all right. i think they need bob. that would be great. >> bob: that's exactly what they need. >> andrea: coming up, jeb bush issues a staunch warning to the g.o.p. 2012 contenders. another new poll gives president obama more reason to worry. the 2012 news when "the five" continues. stay close. ♪ ♪ thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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♪ ♪ >> bob: it seems as if the only way the 2012ers think they can beat obama is trashing him. even members of their open party are warning they should not. that is not the route to go. iyo-yo. >> if you are a conservative, you have to per sway, defend a position. you can't just be against the president. >> do you think some in your party overdo it? >> i do. if you ascribe bad lotus to the guy it's wrong. it turns off people that want solutions. >> bob: but the problem, jeb, the cats ain't got any ideas. that's their problem. i understand michele bachmann comes out with a healthcare plan. i guarantee it has a tort reform in it.
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she will trash obamacare. and mitt romney is going to come out with a jobs plan. we'll see what you say about this brilliant guy and his jobs plan. >> eric: look, i love jeb bush. but that feels to me like a shot at rick perry. rick perry is going after obama and he should be. obama basically has become a socialist in chief. redistribution of wealth. share the prosperity president. it ain't working. >> greg: you know what this is? this is the mirror image of the segment we did about the tea party. i will say this. jeb bush's point is well takep and should be heeded. anybody who has -- i sisters. whenever my parents would bad mouth up with of the guys my sister was dating, she liked him more. you have to go after the plan, not the man. >> monica: sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt you but i will say that helped during the clinton years. conservatives piled on bill
11:39 pm
clin clip he became more popular but the sport clips policies were successful economically. >> greg: no one would admit at the time. metropolitan these have been destructiontive to the economy. if republicans are smart they'll do two things. >> greg: talk about the economy. not the birth certificate. >> monica: take jeb's advice to make it a referendum about obama and pair it with a positive, proactive progrowth agenda. >> andrea: i actually do think as much as i think the republicans should take no prisoners when it comes to the policies, i think jeb bush makes a point. i think republicans can overreach -- eric, i think the republicans from a political standpoint can overreach. barack obama has still managed to remain somewhat likable. i do think if republicans start looking really, really angry and crazy, they turn off independents and he becomes a sympathetic figure. >> greg: there is enough stuff there -- >> eric: romney, perry, bachmann. who is taking a shot at him personally? none of them are.
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taking a shot at his policies. >> greg: i think there are people -- we know who they are. >> eric: that is not who jeb bush was referring to. >> andrea: smart not to go after obama out of the get a. he goes after bernanke. he's going after everybody else. >> bob: eric put his finger on something here. if we haven't missed it yet, there is a divide between the bush and the perry camps, is there not? >> andrea: a little divide. >> bob: rove started this roving. i know what happened when he was lieutenant governor. what the rub is, i won't say it. >> greg: tell us. c'mon! bob, tell us a story. >> bob: i think jeb bush did make a good point. you're right. you are not going to beat a sitting president. you can beat a sitting house member or senator but not a sitting president just on him. you have to have alternative. >> greg: there is enough stuff to go after. policy is a disaster. stick to the policy. >> bob: do i know? i sit here every day. i understand what you go after him on. >> eric: has anyone on the right, the eight or nine g.o.p. contenders gone after
11:41 pm
him personally? he talks funny? i don't like the way he looks? his taxing, his overspending, the national debt. >> bob: what about the tea party and his birther thing? you don't think it's personal? >> eric: i don't think that is what jeb bush is talking about. it's water under the bridge. >> monica: average americans running up the tea party movement run for president. we are asking the eight or nine declared g.o.p. presidential candidate, none of them have taken personal attacks. his record is fair game. he should not be immune to criticism. >> bob: i don't know if i have enough time to go through it all. i thought mitt romney's ad he wrote was a direct and personal shot at obama. i think that bachmann is taking personal shots at him. i know cincinnati bengals has. >> eric: how is bump in the road -- how is obama saying the 9.8% unemployment -- >> bob: a semi--- [ inaudible ] person that comes rising up out of -- it was disgraceful.
11:42 pm
>> greg: this is the way i look at it. you have to look at the bush was treated by the left for eight years and the way reagan was denigrated by the left. he was portrayed as old fool. we're supposed to be higher than that. >> bob: we don't talk personal about his family. you call him a socialist, that is personal. >> andrea: i don't agree with that. >> eric: there is nothing personal -- >> greg: call him a nazi. >> bob: i could find a quote from every one of the people who said he was a socialist. >> eric: i called him that. >> bob: you are so far on the right -- >> eric: because of what he is doing with the economy. >> he would agree he's a socialist. the wealth redistribution policies -- >> bob: i was -- >> monica: totally socialist. >> bob: you should get back -- >> eric: share the wealth. share proser thety, american people. i too much money, i extra money. i don't need it all. >> bob: is that socialism? >> bob: you should go back to school. you played too much baseball and didn't go to history class.
11:43 pm
>> eric: it's deafnism of socialism. in the marxist handbook. >> andrea: we agree that there is a line. you have to be careful. >> bob: you are right. they set the tone and it's over the edge. coming up, pitfalls. two of my favorite things. one school district is separating them after complaints over a pre-game prayer. details next on "the five." i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> monica: welcome back to "the five." a little bon jovi for you. this next story i think is going to infuriate a lot of you. after the threat of being sued, the bell county school district if kentucky has ended its tradition of having a prayer right before the start of high school football games. the complaints came from a group called the freedom from religion foundation. saying they were unconstitutional endorsement
11:48 pm
of religion. by the way, this is the same group that sued texas governor rick perry to try to get him to stop that prayer event he did a couple of weeks ago. andrea, this is so outrageous to me. i think your rights stop where mine begin. to have this ruling come down and prevent believers from praying before a big game is trampling of the believers' rights. >> andrea: but don't expect aclu to come out to defend this. this is school district policy that the students voted on the prayer they wanted. this was driven by the students. the students should be allowed to vote on what they want. that is their right. i don't understand why they can't just let the students to pray if they'd like, do a moment of silence. if you don't want to pray, you don't have to. they're not forcing it or mandating it. >> monica: the school district is saying since the ruling came down, we don't want to deal with this, the threat of the lawsuit. we'll replace the prayer, which was an overt prayer with a moment of silence.
11:49 pm
try to cover all bases. don't you find this extreme? >> bob: i played a lot of football and we had players before every game. i didn't believe then. i believe now. i don't think you should have a prayer at the beginning of every school day, a moment of silence is fine. athletic event is different than a school day. i think it's fine. i don't say this because i happen to now have faith. it's a reasonable thing. if you don't like it, don't listen to it. >> andrea: they play bon jovi on the sporting events. i may not like. >> eric: number one, a wisconsin based group. doing it in kentucky. they are the ones that sued rick perry over his day of prayer. they call endorsement of religion and you pray together
11:50 pm
before a football game and no up with gets hurt. >> bob: this is an important distinction. if you do it in school, kids are forced to go to school. you have don't have to go to the school play. i was in both. >> andrea: you were in the school play? what were you? >> bob: i can't remember. i was in it. >> andrea: you don't remember the play? >> eric: so you were a thespian? >> bob: no, my brother was. i was a football player. metropolitan what do you make of this? public school. the supreme ruled in 2000 this can hold true. you can't have public school mandate prayer. >> greg: i am struggling with this. praying is spiritual steroids. is it fair to people who aren't praying? because they could lose the game.
11:51 pm
if you are an atiest and you want people to become atheist, this is not a way to do it. this does not get people to your side. you look like a jerk. i don't get american's obsession with pets, but making fun of their pets doesn't make your side more convincing. you have to respect this and say i'm not part of it. i don't get it. if you come off as industry debit you lose people who might be open to your side. metropolitan prayer is a positive source. not talking about protective speech of skinhead. >> eric: it's behind the legal process. it's not that they sued, the threat of suing. >> monica: intimidation of it. >> andrea: the school reacted so quick. >> bob: this probably one they'd lose in supreme court. metropolitan coming up, quake rocked the east coast yesterday but did we miss warning call from the wild? also known as bob.
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." talk about government waste at its finest or worst. residents in upstate new york are having to foot the bill for -- get this, wait for
11:56 pm
it -- frog crossing signs. apparent pli there are specific areas froggies like to cross the road but taxpayers say it's waste of money there is plenty of them. >> andrea: are we surprised? we use the taxpayer money to fund turtle tums as part of the stimulus. this is why taxpayers are angry. >> monica: don't forget the shrimp on the treadmill. >> greg: that was a frog crossing? >> eric: all kidding aside, the government waste. we talk about the delta smelt. >> bob: i don't know what you have against frogs. frogs got to get across somehow. you need a warning. the question i got is you think frogs can figure out what the signs are about? give me a break. i use frogs to fish. i can't get into this. i want government -- i can think of -- when i was back in
11:57 pm
the old days they could have drunk crossing. >> andrea: only you would think the frog is for the sign. >> eric: do you avoid or run over the frog? >> greg: i haven't driven a car in four years. >> bob: no wonder we are safer. >> eric: next story in d.c., the massive earthquake, by the way they figured out it was on a fault. the obama administration calling it bush's fault, of course. you like that? the animals in the d.c. zoo anticipate the earthquake and startled huddling together. >> greg: i grew up in california, and my dog chipper miture gnawser predicted every quake running around the house, running around the house an hour before. he wasn't predicting the quake. he was predicting our behavior after the quake. because we would be running around like crazy. chipper is dead now. >> andrea: i don't know what is more surprising that chipper predicted the quake or you had a dog that was a miniature gnawser named
11:58 pm
chipper. >> andrea: what is the point of the story? i have to buy a monkey now? >> bob: 15-second warning. they listen close to the ground and probably felt the ground shake. >> eric: move to the last animal topic of the day. bill clinton announced that he is a vegan. you have experience with this. >> bob: you know, he is talk about this because he had heart bypass surgery. i also did. it's the worst possible operation. i'm going in for another stress test on friday, which are dangerous. and sometimes i feel lucky if i'm not back. you wouldn't believe that. >> eric: can we show the pictures of bill clinton before his vegan days, i guess? there he is. look at that. >> bob: when you have gone through heart bypass surgery, you read everything on the internet you can. everybody's advice on what you are supposed to eat or not eat. what we talked about yesterday, nobody agrees on anything so my view is eat steak and die happy. >> andrea: i don't believe this for a minute. does anyone really believe this besides bob?
11:59 pm
mr. i didn't inhale, i did not have that sex with that woman, i did not eat that porterhouse. my you know what, bob. >> bob: it's crazy to do it. vegetables are dangerous. >> monica: he lost a lot of weight and lost it for chelsea's wedding last year. look, this is a guy who had big-time cholesterol arteries because he was cruising mcdonald's all the time. remember the great comedian, the late phil hartman who played bill clinton on s&l and played him, going up to people in mcdonald's and picking up the big mac and eating them. this is an end to an era if it's true. >> greg: usually if you have a bad heart they offer two options. you either give up the sex or give up the meat. he gave up the meat. >> bob: i haven't given up either one. this may point out, those of us with the heart bypass surgery, we ain't going to live to be 90. enjoy it on the way up. >> eric: maybe michelle obama's vegetable garden is at work. >> bob: y.


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